At Consensus we spent 12 years supplying quality Sharpened blades to a large Customer base. As of 01/12/2018 Consensus no longer provides a blade sharpening service and have been taken over by Swemko. Throughout our time during blade sharpening we worked closely with Swemko, calling on their knowledge and experience to help us deliver a professional service. After a tough decision we decided to end the blade sharpening side of the company and it made sense that the people who helped us go as far as we could carry on providing a Top quality service. For any blade sharpening queries please contact Swemko on 0845 076 0960, not only guillotine blades Swemko can supply you with bookbinding knives, rotary trimmer knives, as well any consumables you may need including cutting sticks, silicone spray, jogging blocks and much more. 
0845 076 0960 
Paper cutting Essex  and Suffolk
guillotine blade sharpening Ipswich Suffolk
guillotine training Suffolk and Essex
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