Pre-Owned Guillotines and Print Finishing Equipment 

Suppliers of quality pre-owned guillotines from: Polar, Wolhenberg, Perfecta, Schneider and all print finishing equipment including flowline systems, stack lifts loaders and unloaders from leading manufacturers. It’s worth giving us a regular call as our stock list is constantly being updated. 
All our guillotines and finishing equipment are serviced and guaranteed for 3 months and guillotines are issued with the Health and Safety Certificate for 6 months. 

New Machines 


We offer a range of brand new paper cutting guillotines from Prism. Prism brings together the best paper cutting technology that the world has to offer in an affordable, high performance package. Combining a finely honed mechanical design and microcut computer controls, a Prism paper cutter will provide years of quality, trouble-free operation and address the complete spectrum of your cutting needs. Prism comes in four cutting sizes 80cm (31.5”), 92cm (36”), 115cm (45”) and 137cm (54”). As standard Prisms come with colour touch screens using Microcut control system a leading system in programming cuts for guillotines. For the full list and specifications and prices do give us a call to see if a Prism is the right machine for you. 
Leading Features: 
Microcut® computer control system for automating backgauge movement 
10” color touch screens are the industry’s most 
Knife bar guided by dual gibs, engineered for rigidity and cutting accuracy 
Cutting power provided by a hydraulic clutch and 
time-tested worm gear design 
Cushion contact clamping eliminates pile disturbance 
High-speed steel knives offer extended durability 


We offer a range of smaller paper cutting guillotines from our supplier Sunray. Sunray is a world leader in the supply of small hydraulic cutting guillotines. Ranging in cutting sizes from 430mm upto 800mm these small, compact guillotines can save space for premises that are tight for floor space. The Sunray offers programmatic control which means you have the same control as the bigger programmatic paper cutting guillotines, just on a smaller scale. 
Class Leading Features: 
Light beams 15 photocells 
Time-limited two hands cut control 
Powerful cutting action 
Adjustable clamp pressure 
Single phase power supply 
Frame in cast iron mono-bloc 
Cutting line 
High quality HSS steel blade 
Emergency stop button 
Rapid blade change 
Micro adjustment by handle 
P version with Programme MARK 3: storage, multiplication, division, and auto mode 
CE/UL/ISO certified 
2 years warranty on parts 


The Saber X-15 features the strongest and most precise mechanical design on the market. The massive knife bar cuts through piles with pressure applied equally at both sides, ensuring greater cutting power, less pile disturbance, less mechanical wear and extended knife life. The centrally located hydraulic clamp cylinder provides steady, uniform clamping pressure. Sabers patented DC drive system controls the backgauge providing smooth and accurate positioning at all speeds. Available in a range of sizes 95cm(37”), 116cm(45”), 137cm(54”) and 158cm(62”) with all offering double arm pull knife drive, Centre actuated clamp, a 15” colour touch screen, automatic knife adjustment just to name a few features. If a Saber paper cutting guillotine peaks your interest give us a call for full specifications and prices. 

Tauler Laminators 

Laminators are quickly growing in popularity within the print industry. Laminated work gives your customers a smarter looking product that also benefits from protection from the thin film of plastic that protects your paper. The Smartmatic Laminator we offer is easy to use and competitive in price. The Smartmatic benefits from less power consumption thanks to the tauler-oil system, can laminate upto 22m of work a minute and uses an intuitive touchscreen with a full range of possibilities. Our engineers have received training from the factory in Barcelona so can be on hand to help set up and train new users. 


Save hours in production time with our extensive range of Knorr Specialised Paper Handling Equipment. 
Product Features: 
RLA-AUTOMATIC JOGGER (shown opposite) 
Creates better piles for accurate cutting 
Right and left hand jogging 
Air removing roller 
Various sizes available 
L-STACK LIFT (shown opposite) 
Increases productivity 
Available with forks or platform 
Pile device available 
Various sizes available 
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