We offer a 24hour service so we can be in contact any time of the day/night with both mechanical and electrical engineers to cover all aspects of a breakdown/fault. Not all problems can be solved on site but our fully equipped workshop allows us to spend time repairing or re-fabricating broken parts. Some of the older guillotines have parts that are no longer available, at our workshop we can repair or if necessary fabricate parts to keep these older machines running and safely operating. 
Servicing/Health and Safety Checks 
We offer 3 levels of Servicing which all include a health and safety check in compliance with the latest PIACC specifications for the safe operation of paper cutting guillotines. We can also service platens, lifters, de-stackers and other auxiliary equipment that runs along side your guillotine. A regular service is paramount to keeping your machine running smoothly. Regular servicing allows us to keep on top of issues your machine may have and prevent a problem before it becomes too troubling. 
Knife Grinding For Retail Customers 
Please call us to place an order on 01473 657575. There may be a delay in answering your call but we will do all we can to return your call should we miss it. Lawn mower blades will be returned in wrapped paper, chipper and wood plaining knives must be delivered to us in the correct storage boxes.  
Dropping of knives - To cut down on person to person contact please ensure you have called prior to dropping off any knives. You will be asked to drop any knives at our retail counter and you will be asked to wait in your car, or return at a specified time, to pick up your sharpened knife. On arrival please ring the door bell and leave your knives on the retail counter. A member of staff will watch via CCTV and once you have left the building we will collect your knife and carry out the sharpening. During busy times we may give you a time slot to return back to us, but in quiet times you will be able to remain in your vehicle and we will signal you to let you know the knives have been sharpened and are ready to collect.  
We would prefer payment in advance of collection by bank transfer, however we can still take card payments. The card payment terminal will be wiped clean before and after each transaction to give our customers and employees peace of mind in limiting the spread of the virus. Unfortunatley we will not be accepting cash payments at this time. 
New and Used Machinery For Sale 
We are the leading suppliers for new Prism and Sunray paper cutting guillotines. Having visited the factories in China that build these machines we have seen first hand the hard work and dedication that goes into the manufacture of these machines. Working closely with Prism we have supplied and installed over 30 new machines in the UK. Prism is a guillotine growing in popularity due to its quality build and competitive price with over 1,300 being installed in the USA alone. The Prism comes in a wide range of sizes from 800mm to 1370mm. 
For our smaller customer with limited floor space the Sunray guillotines are an ideal fit. The guillotines range in sizes from a 490(mm) to 800(mm) with fully programmatic control. 
We also offer a Laminator from our supplier, Tauler, in Spain. We have worked closely with Tauler visiting their factory to receive training and to take a look at the machines being built from start to finish. Lamination is proving to be more and more popular within the print trade as it provides a high quality finish for your customers work. If Lamination is something you are currently not offering your customers then please give us a call to help you make an informed decision. 
Guillotine Hire 
As well as the sale of machines we also offer the opportunity to hire a machine from ourselves. This can be beneficial as you don’t have the high cost of buying a machine and instead can pay monthly. If this appeals to you do give us a call and ask what machines we can offer. 
Guillotine Moves 
Whether you need your guillotine moving internally within a factory or externally to a new premises we can provide the service you need. We re-certificate all guillotines we relocate giving a peace of mind that your machine is safe to use and fully operational once moved. We have moved other machinery in the past, not just guillotines, we have moved platens, presses and in some cases entire factories. If you need a comprehensive and competitive quote then do give us a call to see if we can be of service. 
We are the leading providers of Microcut operating systems, an easy way to update any paper cutting guillotine into the 21st century. Any paper cutting guillotine that uses a leadscrew for backgauge movement can be retro fitted with a Microcut operating system. A number of models are available from the smallest Micro track up to the Microcut plus WS which can create a cutting program from .ppf/CIP/JDF files with no need to enter a program in. If you feel your machine needs an update then Microcut is definitely the way to go. 
Cutting Service 
We offer a cutting service at Consensus to help busy customers with their cutting on big jobs . If you can get your work, and the specifications needed, to us we can have your work cut and ready to collect when you need it. 
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